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I am happy that you have clicked on this page and are wanting to learn something about the person you are considering doing business with.  Purchasing off of the internet can be a daunting experience, especially with so much money and international borders involved.  I too want to know about the people I am dealing with before turning over our home or one of our neighbor's homes to someone.  Let's start by telling you a little about me... and this business which I have created.

I am the owner of the villa Brisa Caribe and business of the same name.  I am a Canadian citizen by birth but have also proudly held a Mexican passport since 2007.  I have been fortunate enough to travel to, and live in, numerous countries around the world before making Puerto Aventuras Mexico my permanent home. 

I was in in the seismic business for 27 years involved in the exploration for oil & gas.  My work took me from within 200 miles of the North Pole to the far reaches of the Empty Quarter Desert, which separates Oman from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.  I have been privileged to meet people and see things which ordinary travel would not allow one to reach.  Researching, setting up, and then conducting business and field operations in numerous countries and cultures has provided an insight that has been both rewarding and frustrating, but never without challenge.   In addition to travel and business, my other passions are scuba diving, powder skiing, motorcycle adventure touring and off-road motorcycle riding & racing. 

In early 2000 we were living in the Sultanate of Oman and at a crossroads in life.  We decided to put my career on the back burner and pursue a different course.  With a love of tropical water diving, warm weather, and the Latin culture, we decided to return to Mexico and look for the perfect place to set down roots.  Attracted to the general area by the fabulous diving opportunities, we drove into Puerto Aventuras and immediately knew we had found our new home.

We rented a condo here in “Puerto”, as we locals call it, then spent the next 15 months purchasing a lot, designing our home (villa Brisa Caribe), and going through all of the often painful steps of building it.  While this close involvement certainly paid off in the attention to detail and the quality of the finishing, it also exposed us to a great deal about “how things get done here” which has proven to be an invaluable learning experience. 

With the intention of renting our home as a vacation rental for part of the year while we traveled,  I designed the web site and began marketing the villa on the internet.   With some success, neighbors and friends began to ask me to market their villas and condos.  As the popularity of the web site, the area, and my reputation grew, so did the business.  Soon I needed more properties to meet the demand and an assistant to help with the work.   I then started working with some local agents who manage other properties outside of Puerto Aventuras.

I struggle to keep the business small and simple so that my staff and I can hopefully provide a level of service and local knowledge that just may not be available elsewhere.  I am very selective about the properties that I represent and the people I choose to work with.  I try to specialize in oceanfront properties that offer casual luxury and minimal hassles... for you and me.  This is Mexico and it is a 3rd world country so we must be realistic and understand that many things are simply not predictable or controllable.  To help achieve this, I try to represent properties that are well equipped, properly maintained and have good staff employed who understand the needs of vacationing guests.

We do not manage any of the properties except our own home Brisa Caribe.  We market them on the internet and answer all questions up to the point of arrival.  After you get here you will deal with an employee or management company chosen by the owner. 

We want the guests, the owners and the staff working at the properties to all be happy.  That equates to you getting what you think you are renting and the owner being satisfied that we are putting responsible guests in their homes who will respect the property, the rules the owners have laid out, and the staff working there.  We like nothing more than to hear from guests that our web site did not do the property justice.  Or to hear from owners or staff that they have few problems with the guests we send.  I would rather you not rent from us than to have you rent and later learn that either you or the owner were disappointed.  After all, I moved here to semi retire and enjoy a stress reduced lifestyle. 

Our responsibility to the owners is to market their property, screen potential guests, collect the rental payments and provide the guests with the information they require to show up on the door step.  Each owner has a staff employed directly by them to maintain the property and handle guest concerns while on the property should they arise.  These are the people you will deal with while here.  I have taken most of the photos and written the descriptions of each property.  I visit the properties on as regular basis as possible to update our information and ensure standards are being kept up.  All of the properties we represent are privately owned so style, amenities and decor may vary or even change without notice. 

I operate from my home office here in Puerto Aventuras Mexico.  My life partner Shelly and I like to travel 4 - 5 months of the year so I have an assistant working the emails with me who lives in Playa del Carmen, has visited the properties and knows the area.  Since the mail service here in Mexico is not reliable or secure I have a part time assistant in Pennsylvania who handles the rental agreements and collection of rental deposits.  Since I have been involved in the property rental business I have developed a strong reputation in the local community and with the guests I have helped to find a vacation rental.  (please see the comments page of our web site)  If you require references, I would be happy to supply them. 

We at Brisa Caribe look forward to working with you and sharing this little slice of paradise.

Doug Wasmuth

To learn more about the services we provide and what you should expect with a vacation property rental please see   SERVICES OFFERED & EXPECTATIONS

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